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(Un)Conditional Love: Departures

It’s been a while since I blogged. For some reason I didn’t feel passionate about any topic. An exchange with a friend reminded me how much I care about the vagaries of parenthood. So here it goes… ————————————————————————————– There was … Continue reading

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Yet Another Modern American Family…

All but one of the adults at our Thanksgiving dinner were either divorced or remarried; and almost all the young adults were children of divorced parents… yet another modern American family. But that’s not what I want to talk about. … Continue reading

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Let’s Bring “Normal” Back!

I would like to go back to a “normal” world! Normal will be simple, pleasant and good. Normal will help us live the way we should! Normal for me may not be normal for you, but we all aspire to some … Continue reading

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Parenting Mexican Style

Let me start with a big disclaimer: I know nothing about parenting in Mexico or by Mexicans! The title sounded good and my intention was to write about some of my observations of different parenting styles – including my own, … Continue reading

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Being in Love #1

This friend is married. She was “in love” with her husband when they met. They had three boys, a nice little home and a group of friends. She was a homemaker and he was a physician. When the children started … Continue reading

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Do You Shower Every Day?

How do you know that you have to take a shower every day? There are so many actions we take every day without questioning that I often equate us to sheep. Me included. “You have to drink six glasses of … Continue reading

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A Temper Tantrum or: How I Cheated My Parenting Class

That Friday morning was a quiet one. I was not working, Elan was shy of two years old at the time, and I had friends coming for dinner, so shopping and cooking were the goals of the day. My life … Continue reading

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