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Passion and Rage at Age 70

Just when I think, “I’ve heard it all”, here comes the Lois Goodman story, proving me wrong – again. But then, I’m always amazed at the human spirit for good and for bad. ——————————— One of my early blogs was … Continue reading

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When you are young…

When you are young and you’re running to catch a bus, you don’t know that someday you may get ill and not be able to walk. When you are young and you’re singing, you don’t know that you may get … Continue reading

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Falling in Love # 3/ old and in love

 I first met Elsie when she volunteered for the same organization I did – a sweet elderly lady with white curly hair and sensible shoes.  She was about 80 years old, and always had a smile on her face. She loved to … Continue reading

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On Plastic Surgery…

“A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.” –Oscar Wilde Most of us do not like to be thought of as shallow. Who is not? The other day I was strolling in Calabasas, and … Continue reading

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We all need a witness to our lives

In the movie “Shall We Dance”, Susan Sarandon explains why we marry. She says that we marry because we need a witness to our lives. I was reflecting on this concept when a friend broke up with her married lover, … Continue reading

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