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Our Blindness

Three clients. A big man-a career in sports. A gentle and delicate woman-a mother and a professional. A driven CEO. Different backgrounds, different origins, different ages, different socioeconomic statuses. Three different people, and yet all exhibit the same trait. “She is … Continue reading

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What I Want to Forget

A friend sent a link to a Holocaust memorial. I really do not want to look at it. I know so much, I feel so much, it’s in my DNA. I skip the email, but do not delete. It looks … Continue reading

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Magical thinking and slot machines

I cannot think of any other form of magical thinking better demonstrated than playing slot machines. I assume that most of us know that the casinos are there to make money for themselves, and are not concerned at the least … Continue reading

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Taking Dr. Irvin Yalom off his pedestal

Almost twenty years ago I went to Vegas for a conference on “The Evolution Of Psychotherapy” or something of that sort. I mainly went because I wanted to take workshops or attend lectures given by Dr Irvin Yalom, who was … Continue reading

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A Temper Tantrum or: How I Cheated My Parenting Class

That Friday morning was a quiet one. I was not working, Elan was shy of two years old at the time, and I had friends coming for dinner, so shopping and cooking were the goals of the day. My life … Continue reading

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