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Passion and Rage at Age 70

Just when I think, “I’ve heard it all”, here comes the Lois Goodman story, proving me wrong – again. But then, I’m always amazed at the human spirit for good and for bad. ——————————— One of my early blogs was … Continue reading

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Clergymen Brawl With Broomsticks

   We had to share our desks at school when I was a child. Sometimes this went well, but sometimes we would draw a line in the middle and become overzealous about our boundaries. Sometimes we were charitable, but sometimes … Continue reading

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The Object of Love / Material Girl

Arlene was beautiful. The only problem she had was that she was born on the wrong side of the tracks, to the wrong family, to the wrong religion, and to the wrong sensibility. She hated her parents’ home. She hated … Continue reading

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Ready to be free?

The abused woman tried to explain that she should give her husband another chance. She did. He beat her up again. And again, she explained that maybe she deserved his anger this time.  She should have known that he was … Continue reading

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Aids/Falling in Love#2

I will call her Joy.  She came to therapy to resolve some issues with her elderly mother – an attractive, stylish woman, in her mid-thirties, and happily married. You know, when you start talking, you never know where the conversation … Continue reading

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Being in Love #1

This friend is married. She was “in love” with her husband when they met. They had three boys, a nice little home and a group of friends. She was a homemaker and he was a physician. When the children started … Continue reading

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“He’s just not that into you…”

I really did not like the movie. It was not even funny, and was way too predictable. Nevertheless, the message was sooo true; a message that I deal with almost weekly with clients, friends, and even (many years ago, halleluiah) myself. … Continue reading

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