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An Affair in Three Voices – Part 3: Geena’s Story

This is the third and last part of An Affair in Three Voices: Geena’s Story (to read the previous two click on the right under “recent posts”) ———————————————————————————————- “I grew up knowing two things about myself: I was fat, and I was … Continue reading

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An Affair in Three Voices – Part 2: The Wife

An Affair in Three Voices – Part 2: The previous post described an affair from the husband’s perspective.  Here, Barbara describes to me her reality, as his wife. “I was six when my father left my mother.  Since then I … Continue reading

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An Affair in Three Voices: The Husband (Part 1)

A true story of an affair, as you’ll read, it’s told by the husband … Of course I changed all identifying data … The next two blogs will tell the story from the perspective of the betrayed wife and her … Continue reading

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  It’s really bad to hear that your husband had an affair. It’s even worse to hear that it was a full-blown affair with vacations, love letters, gifts etc. To really understand the enormity of the pain, betrayal, disbelief and … Continue reading

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Yet Another Modern American Family…

All but one of the adults at our Thanksgiving dinner were either divorced or remarried; and almost all the young adults were children of divorced parents… yet another modern American family. But that’s not what I want to talk about. … Continue reading

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Taking Your Husband’s Last Name

I want to start with a confession. Being a product of this society; being of a certain upbringing and weakness of character – periodically, I succumb to the very conventions and behaviors I criticize. So with this disclaimer, let me … Continue reading

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Being in Love #1

This friend is married. She was “in love” with her husband when they met. They had three boys, a nice little home and a group of friends. She was a homemaker and he was a physician. When the children started … Continue reading

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