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Parenting Mexican Style

Let me start with a big disclaimer: I know nothing about parenting in Mexico or by Mexicans! The title sounded good and my intention was to write about some of my observations of different parenting styles – including my own, … Continue reading

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Being in Love #1

This friend is married. She was “in love” with her husband when they met. They had three boys, a nice little home and a group of friends. She was a homemaker and he was a physician. When the children started … Continue reading

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We are not who we seem to be

We are not who we seem to be. Well, maybe you are – but many of us contain unknown stories, adventures and dreams. ¬†At the end of his life, my father was an accountant, but many years before he was … Continue reading

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9/11: A Therapist or American

It happened ten years ago, and I have not resolved it yet. I believe I will always ponder it as an ethical dilemma. First day of work after 9/11: I have been seeing¬†this young couple for about five months, dealing … Continue reading

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“God was watching over me”?

I know that I am going to upset some people. My friend K. is already unhappy with me about this blog. However, my blog is a reflection of my thoughts and feelings at any given time, and this is the … Continue reading

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