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Do You Shower Every Day?

How do you know that you have to take a shower every day? There are so many actions we take every day without questioning that I often equate us to sheep. Me included. “You have to drink six glasses of … Continue reading

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“He’s just not that into you…”

I really did not like the movie. It was not even funny, and was way too predictable. Nevertheless, the message was sooo¬†true; a message that I deal with almost weekly with clients, friends, and even (many years ago, halleluiah) myself. … Continue reading

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Dear Abba,

This title is symbolic of course, because who of us sends letters anymore? It was about twenty-six years ago and my mother was two years dead.¬† I have decided to send a letter to my dad, Abba – a letter … Continue reading

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On Plastic Surgery…

“A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.” –Oscar Wilde Most of us do not like to be thought of as shallow. Who is not? The other day I was strolling in Calabasas, and … Continue reading

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We all need a witness to our lives

In the movie “Shall We Dance”, Susan Sarandon explains why we marry. She says that we marry because we need a witness to our lives. I was reflecting on this concept when a friend broke up with her married lover, … Continue reading

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