Just Kill Me! Romney’s 13%

Unlike most of my liberal friends, I didn’t hate Romney – and wouldn’t do everything in my power (which is quite limited to begin with) to malign him.

There’ve been times I’ve even pointed out some of his attributes. That was a blog that got some people screaming!

But then he selected Paul Ryan as his running mate, and my sincere attempts at objectivity were crushed.

This morning, though, after reading an article in the Los Angeles Times, where he stated that he’d never paid less(!) than 13% in taxes, I said to myself “Just kill me!”

I know that my friend Margot is saying to herself, “I told you so!”; and I feel naïve and stupid (is stupid a bad word?) for thinking better of him!

I believe wholeheartedly that we’re all good and bad. Some of us hide it better, and others do not.

I’m still positive that Romney has many positive qualities and characteristics. Yes, I do.

….But at least 13%?

This makes me feel slightly stupid because I was naïve, and gave him the benefit of the doubt when he didn’t disclose his taxes. But the bulk of my stupidity has to do with me paying taxes of 33% and more! (And I definitely chose not the best accountant. Ha!)

You see, it makes sense not to tax the rich! They find a way not to pay it anyway! Let’s tax the middle class, let’s get Mikey, he doesn’t know better!

It’s been many, many years since I thought anything positive about Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum’s (AKA Ayn Rand) Objectivism. Today I see it as utopian as Communism.

We’re dealing with people- folks living, working, flawed and all, and it does not work according to a theory. That’s why there’s a blueprint, but then comes the execution and modification is needed.

Romney and Ryan are great proponents of a great theory that’s bad practice. They don’t see it, because they believe that the only thing that stands in your way to success is laziness and indulgence.

How wrong! How out of touch!

But in the meantime, I have to be resourceful and do my own politicking.

So… if  you get me the name of Romney’s tax guy and his phone number, I will take you out to the restaurant of your choice, and they’ll roll out the red carpet for you.

I have connections!


About rachel bar

Psychotherapist and supervisor.
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25 Responses to Just Kill Me! Romney’s 13%

  1. Stephanie Kirschner says:

    What the republicans will respond with is that he not doing anything that’s against the law. That he’s paying what he legally has to pay and nothing more. The rich do not pay their fair share. The laws need to be changed so that all income is taxed, whether you work for it like we do or you earn it through investments like he does. The choices in this election couldn’t be clearer. It really has come down to a critical choice about society and our culture as a whole. Do we want to push the sick and poor off the cliff because it’s their fault that their sick and poor or do we want to live in a humane society where, in the richest country on earth, there is enough to go around?

  2. Kurt says:

    As to the Ryan pic, I can’t help but wonder, prosperity for whom?

  3. Nick says:

    In fairness, the bulk of Romney’s taxable income is presumably imposed on capital gains from his wealthy holdings, which are taxed at a far lower rate than the income of salaried working like us. So 13% may not be out of line in that regard. But that doesn’t obviate his lack of good faith in not doing what his father (former Michigan Governor and former chairman of American Motors George Romney) did when he ran for President in 1968 — he released 12 years of tax returns because he felt Americans deserved to know what he made, where he made it, and what he paid in taxes. So much for transfering one’s values to one’s son, huh?

  4. Martha Carr says:

    Obama paid effective rate is 26% last year! I had the same reaction you did! Realize too that the effective rate (what they are quoting) is different than rate of tax bracket. Our tax bracket is about like yours but our effective rate (what we actually pay) is little less – closer to Obama’s I think! But NOT 13%! What I would give to pay 13%!! If you are paying an effective rate of 33% it is probably too high! It was funny to read your comments on FB last week about how his choice for Ryan reflects something bad about Romney – while the conservative pontificators were saying the exact opposite! How his choice of Ryan reflected something GREAT about him – going outside the Republican desire for a less controversial figure. I love hearing about your struggle with this!

    • rachel bar says:

      Martha, Obama also cancelled his Blind Trust, which Romney is hiding behind, while his son is investing the money for him and his friend/attorney is managing it. However, this is not what I care about. I care more about all the loopholes he is using, being a business owner, and justifying it by insisting that this will stimulate the economy. I probably read 10 articles from different economists saying that it “ain’t so”!

  5. Maureen says:

    The Romneys have made it quite clear that their finances are in a Blind Trust and that they have paid all taxes due by law. Isn’t it a crime that he has so much money that his family has a Blind Trust? Wow. Let’s persecute him for that. PULEEZ. Can’t we move on beyond the obvious that Romney has been a successful businessman and deal with the issues facing our country?

    • rachel bar says:

      Maureen, I actually posted a blog a while back, about the same topic, stating that the attacks on Romney for being rich are inappropriate. However, that is not the issue here. We all want to pay lower taxes, but businesses, especially large businesses are supplied with so many loopholes that they are being taxed extremely low, and then they claim that they create job with the surplus income, and stimulate the economy. Wrong! The evidence is that lower taxation on business and rich does not stimulate the economy (here’s one good article about it http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/economic-intelligence/2012/05/03/do-lower-taxes-create-jobs-lets-look-at-the-states). Moreover, when Republicans like Ryan want to cut down funds from Medicare or Social Security (which is money deducted from my income), then I’m up in arms. No, I’m not opposed to cutting down our defense spending, because we use it to make unnecessary wars, instead of “defending” our country. If anything, we’re increasing our risk, by being in the quagmire which is the Middle East. I don’t necessarily like Obama, but there’s nothing in Ryan’s plan that realistically indicates lowering the deficit. I can go on and on and bring on more research, but I’ll stop here. I hope you are well!

  6. Jim Palmer says:

    Hi Rachel….First I would like to say that I love your blogs, I don’t agree with some of your conclusions but they always make me think. secondly I would say Romney was not my pick for the Republican candidate. As a republican zealot I considered him a flip-flopper. He is all we have now so I will try to defend him…..Nothing you said in your blog was untrue but you left out some very important facts.

    First, His income comes from Capital gains….that is taxable at 15%…..as a Mormon he is obligated to give 10% of his income to the church which is deductible, also he is very generous to other charities …..He donated ALL of his inheritance to various charities, he has announced that it brings his tax bill over 20%……Trying to paint him as a greedy capitalist just won’t fly. Obama has said he will raise capital gains tax to 30%, this of course would kill investment in the stock market and severely limit investment in start-ups and America’s influence in world economics.. I personally invest in the market and would drop out of the market if tax would go to 30%…There would be just better places to invest.

    One of your friends seem to be in favor of a “fair tax” or a “Value added tax” I am not totally against this, Forbes (a Republican) has been promoted this for years, He is a very smart man…… My reluctance about a value added tax is that the Government can raise the tax under cover at night and most people would not know it. This happens in Europe, where they have had a VAT tax for decades. They do it in such small increments that no one notices.

    One thing we TOTALLY agree about……In my 20’s I hung on every word of Ayn Rand…..as I grew older and hopefully wiser, I began to have doubts. I totally agree that Objectivism and Communism are utopian concepts that just don’t work in the real world…….Proponents of either of those theories are “True Believers”…..I hope you take my advise and read the “The true believer by Eric Hoffer’”….. True believers are very dangerous people, If they come from the Left or Right….Obama is a true believer……The proof of this is he would rather lose the election rather than change his Marxist policies……he has stated that in the past.

    • rachel bar says:

      Jim, it is hard to believe that we agree on something. It will get boring, right? I read True Believer many years ago, and loved the book. The flaw in your argument is that I researched and researched and didn’t find statements by Obama where he positions himself as a Marxist. Can you prove it?

      • Jim Palmer says:

        You won’t find anything that says he is a Marxist per se, he sat in Rev. Wrights church for twenty years and listened to him preach Liberation Theology which is pure Marxist. As you know I sometimes resort to hyperbole to make a point……… I bet if he would release his thesis from Harvard that would prove it.

        Yes, it would be very boring if we agreed on to many things……. another thing we agree about……I am pro choice….but I think we should observe the fetus for about 18 years and if it appears that it will vote for a Democrat we can abort it then…….

      • rachel bar says:

        Jim, your humanity never ceazes to amaze me!

    • Margot says:

      Jim, can you fill me in on Obama’s Marxist policies? I thought the Republican talking point was that Obama was a socialist. Marxist philosophy has to do with communism not socialism and those are two very different things. Thanks in advance.

  7. Recovering Wayward says:

    Yup, Romney is terrible. But he is better than the moron that is currently in the Oval Office

  8. Marie-Michelle says:

    yesterday had to take a walk instead of posting my frustration and anger on FB regarding the Romney tax situation…not because I want him to give us 10 years but because there are other issues of more importance. Is this the equivalent of the birth certificate crisis started by the Republicans??? I am sick and tired of this 24/7. I have stopped watching tv and only listen to NPR radio but even there, every hour, I have to listen to the same whining litany. It is pitiful.
    ….Wow, let’s all move to France where anybody earning more than one million dollars per year will now have to pay 75% income tax with a “socialist” government ….since when has it become a crime to be rich and legally pay as little tax as possible? don’t we all wish we could do the same, honestly? I am not a Republican, I am no longer a Democrat and I wish we could focus on the real issues not the polarizing smoke screens on both sides.

    • rachel bar says:

      Maybe being from Israel, where everyone argues about politics day and night (as they have 12 parties or more), and then they all hug and eat Hummus, I’m not that reactive to the name calling, blaming and the “I know better than you” shouts.

      When people run for elections, they do that because of egos, and not because they truly care about the country. If Romney really cared about the U.S. he would have donated the money being spent on his campaign and then go to Africa and convert them to Mormonism. Obama would have done the same, just a different religion. I’m pretty cynical about it, and yet I love to express my reactions in the blog.

      I appreciate your comment, and I’m sure that a lot of people feel just like you!

  9. Marie-Michelle says:

    the real almost unspoken issue is religion so the focus is on the taxes or anything else that can be found since the other is not politically correct…is one more Christian than the other??I guess freedom does not apply to religion when running for president.

  10. rachel bar says:

    I never thought about their religion, not for a second, as I don’t care about it. I don’t know that anyone else does, but I know that I don’t know.

  11. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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