The Crime of Being Rich

I am tired of bashing.

I am tired of Republicans who lead with paranoia about any change to better our society and deem it a Socialist/Communist plot.

I am tired of Democrats who are incapable of looking at Obama objectively and keep on rationalizing all of his actions, even those where the rights of the individual are marginalized, such as the signing of the NDAA martial law (where the wording is so broad that it may be interpreted to include US citizens).

But mostly I’m tired of ignorance, narrow-mindedness; the inability to follow information accurately, and self-righteousness.

Take Mitt Romney for example.

No, I am not going to vote for Romney. I’m not a Republican, although I am not against people changing party affiliation. I won’t vote for any candidate who is “Pro Life”- a term including some people who are willing to kill physicians who perform abortions (but no, I am not cynical…).  Nor does he appeal to me, because he seems robotic sometimes, but mostly, I dislike how inconsistent he is; like almost all politicians, he changes his tune to fit the party line, like an well-oiled weathervane.

You see, I would have so much more respect for him if he were to adhere to the belief that those who are governed and who pay taxes, deserve health care whether they have a pre-existing condition or not just like he managed to do for his state. After all, he had done it  in MA! And yet, to be elected by the Republicans he has to come up with measly excuses, stating the difference between the rights of the state versus the country as an explanation for his opposition to Obama’s health care bill.  So, how can I  trust someone who successfully got through a State universal health-care system, and is now an opponent of Obama’s health plan?

Fine…!  Be that as it may …!  He’s a politician just like the rest of them.

But to my point – I am so impatient with people who bash him for being rich.

Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone magazine calls him a “gazillionaire nitwit”, Facebook friennds who put him down for being too rich and articles galore on the same subject matter. Since when is being rich a crime? Since when is lack of compassion a pre-requisite for wealth? Since when is financial success a presidential disqualifier?

Is opposition to his wealth just unconscious envy and bitterness masquerading as a ‘logical position’?

Romney was extremely successful in all the financial endeavors he took on. He managed to take on difficult projects and turn them around magnificently.

Whether it’s his work at Bain, where he made a lot of money for himself and the company; or the rescuing of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics; or his success as Governor of Massachusetts, where there was a staggering deficit and he managed to reduce a 3 billion deficit. And yes, where he signed into law a health care reform program to provide nearly universal health care for Massachusetts residents.

To me he seems like a very smart and savvy businessman who knows how to manage big enterprises and big problems – and to do so where others have failed.

Also, his degrees (MBA and JD!) from Harvard are not to be scoffed at.  Note that Democrats love the fact that Obama is a Harvard graduate. (Personally, I’m not all that impressed by degrees, but I know most people are.)

So I don’t care if he’s rich.  He made most of the money himself, and that allowed him the freedom to go after what he wanted, which is to be the President of the United States of America.

I don’t believe that he is different from Obama in wanting it, both are ambitious.

I think that Obama is a more convincing orator, and he is the incumbent. I don’t see Romney winning, but if you have something against him, don’t hold his wealth against him. He worked hard for it, he was very smart, he was entrepreneurial and he persevered. All are qualities that should be respected and appreciated.

If I had five lifetimes to live I wouldn’t have the slightest chance (or skill) to make the money that Romney has.  However, I am not proud of the fact that I don’t have his skills, nor am I ashamed. I am who I am. He is who he is, and for what we need right now…

he might actually be the politician who can get us out of our financial mess.


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Psychotherapist and supervisor.
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11 Responses to The Crime of Being Rich

  1. nfpisms says:

    Bashing the rich is a time-honored Populist political tactic. Romney’s problem isn’t so much that he is a super-rich Republican — so are many Democrats. It’s that he wears his wealth too well for national politics. By that I mean the very points you made in your blog — the appearance of lack of emapthy, a seeming aloffness from the tribulations of the middle and working class, not to mention the poor — make his wealth appear to be at the expense of everyone else, rather than as a byproduct of his skills. If he were founder and CEO of his own company that actually made something of value or delivered a valuable service and employed people, he woudn’t be in this pickle. But Private Equity is a nasty Wall Street business with little societal value other than making money for its own well-heeled investors. When people attack Mitt, it’s not becaue he has money or is rich. It’s because of the type of money he earned, because of the type of rich he is. Nick

    • rachel bar says:

      Nick, we ususally see eye to eye as far as politics, but here I disagree. When I asked some people at random how Romney made his money, most did not know, and some said that he inherited the money from his dad.
      Secondly, I do not hear people criticize Newt about the methods he employed to make his money, nor did I hear that he is being questioned about why his charity contribution is so low (compared to Obama and Romney).
      I believe that when people hear how much money Romney has, it’s a number that is staggering, it seems like too much. I think that it results in an emotional reaction, one that leads to rejecting him. First you feel then you rationalize.
      Last but not least, there’s no point in listing all the jobs, businesses and companies in this country and elsewhere, where the goal is simply to make money, without any social value. The list is too long.

  2. Debbie says:

    I like what you said. Can’t add to it but i like it. Noe, back to the task at hand. I cannot find my iconic recipe for my Elektrik Lemon Bars so i must go on line.

  3. Barbara Cooper says:

    In order to get elected President in this country you need money, big money behind you. Whether it is your own money or someone else’s, no one will have the title of President without it. And therein lies the problem. It is not necessarily the best person who wins the election, but the one with the most money to spend. I cringe at our national deficit and what makes it worse is when I hear just how much is being spent on campaigning. There always seems to be so much money behind these candidates, yet the country is in debt up to our eyeballs. What is wrong with this picture? In a perfect world (my perfect world) there would not be elections won or lost based on monies raised for it. I would not allow political commercials in the media. I would let the candidates debate and be interviewed in the press and that’s it. I would make it illegal to buy an election. Then maybe we would be easily able to decipher who is best for the job and vote accordingly. Oh and the party system would be a thing of the past. It doesn’t work, we know that. Yet, for all the talk of change- and there is always talk of change- nothing changes. “The one with the most toys wins”.

  4. Margot says:

    I don’t mind Romney being rich and I don’t think the the majority of Romney bashing has to do with his being rich. It’s the way he got rich. He was a vulture (venture) capitalist. He raped companies, sent jobs oversees, and then closed the companies down. And while he was stealing the money from pension funds, the US government had to secure those funds for the retirees. So — not a Romney fan. Wish he had become rich in the same way Ford, Jobs, Gates did — great ideas, great products, employed Americans, boosted the economy, helped bolster the middle class and lifted others out of poverty. Oh, and it would be nice if he stood by his convictions!

  5. I guess what turned me off MItt was the way he viewed those not like him…and pretending to understand what is like to be a regular Joe….I would like to hear what he would tell the bill collector who called his home, or his child when he did not have the monies needed for them…don’t act like you know when you have not been there…

  6. Susan says:

    A liberal, a moderate and a conservative walk into a bar…
    The bartender says, “Hi Mitt. ”

    Enough said.

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