What I Want to Forget

A friend sent a link to a Holocaust memorial. I really do not want to look at it. I know so much, I feel so much, it’s in my DNA. I skip the email, but do not delete. It looks at me for days. I do not delete.I opened it this morning, out of guilt. I have to look because I am betraying the souls. The music is haunting, accompanying photographs of memorials for the Holocaust from around the world. I start clicking. One in Saloniki, one from San Francisco, some from Cuba, some from Germany, Austria, and the photo of the shoes in Budapest. The one that breaks your heart.
The one that breaks my heart.
Some of us don’t know at all. Some of us know too much. Some do not care and some do not believe that it happened. And some, like me, want not be reminded. I don’t want you to send me more reminders, more songs, more photographs and more links.
Do you think I can ever forget?

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About rachel bar

Psychotherapist and supervisor.
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One Response to What I Want to Forget

  1. Caro lBishop says:

    I was moved by the directness in the brevity, and then the photograph wiped me out!

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